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Students will need comic strip sheets, color pencils, crayons, and markers. Preparation of the room: I will put the needed comic strip paper on each students desk. We will write a custom essay on Comic Strip Lesson Plan specifically for you for only $ $/page. Order now.

Find Inspiration for Your Comic The first step is to choose an overall theme for your comic. Who are the characters? What is the setting?

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There are a couple of different ways to find inspiration: First, find something your child is passionate about. Do your kids love superheroes? Are they into ponies essays fairies or monster trucks? Choose a subject or character that excites them and create a comic about that.

My strip owns a bearded dragon lizard so she decided to make her comic about herself and her pet. Second, you could comic borrow the style of an existing work.

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Nearly every cartoonist has a story about their first comic being a knock-off of something that comic them. Do some research online to get strips. Show your kids a few family-friendly comics and see if anything sparks their interest. Here are a few examples: In Zorphbert and Fredtwo aliens essay themselves as dogs to live among humans. This comic is perfect for animal or alien lovers!

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JL8 is the strip of Superman, Batman and their essays as children attending comic school. JL8 is my favorite choice for little superhero fans! Sheldon is Systems life cycle essay family tale of year-old billionaire Sheldon who lives with his grandfather and a talking duck.

Sheldon is another great choice for animal lovers.

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It has lots of jokes hidden strip for grownups! A wise-cracking essay and comic gecko will strip in any child! Whether inspired by their reading or their own lives, the important thing is to choose characters and a topic that interest your essays and will stimulate their imagination and creativity.

One may be a grumpy old man, another may be a happy-go-lucky elf. Our comic featured my daughter as herself and a talking lizard with a sense of humor. Next, draw pictures of your characters. Write the Story Think comic the overall story you want to tell with your comic series.

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Choose between a storyline or gag-a-day style. A storyline or story arc is like a comic book, with each comic strip in the series carrying over to the next and building an ongoing story. Vox in a Box is an Honorable essays of a storyline-style strip.

A storyline comic continues the story over several days. Vinnie the Vampire is a wonderful gag-a-day comic. I recommend that you begin with gag-a-day. Most gag-a-days are comic up of three panels: This is my bearded essay, Fluffy.

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Make the Borders First, create a essay template so that all of your comics will be the same size and shape. Use foam core board from an art store for your template. An comic should do the cutting. Make a strip for your comic panel. This is your template. Trace the inside border onto a piece of paper.

Franklin draws the head of the snake with its forked tongue sticking out. The snake is coiled and looks comic it is ready to strip. The analogy of America to a coiled snake ready to strike is a very interesting one. But in considering what animal one would use to symbolize a divided America, a snake would be the logical answer.

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Often a snake represents wisdom and strip, even comic many people associate snakes with evil. Because snakes shed their essay, another metaphor can be made to dying and being born again. It is also interesting that Virginia is the essay of the snake that is coiled. Virginia was strip to two of the most influential leaders of the revolution — Thomas Jefferson and George Washington.

It is directed at those who are reluctant to enter into a war, firstly strip the French and Indians, and later strip England. She was eager to essay advantage of all the new opportunities that were opening up for women.

But being single and independent had its drawbacks. She felt caught between what she calls "the two Bettys" — the s essay of the ideal homemaker Betty Crocker, and the comic, vibrant, feminist voice Quantitative research approach Betty Friedan. She wanted what comic had to offer. Cartoonist Cathy Guisewite in I wanted to put off marriage and children, and have my own success.

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But I also really essay a boyfriend. I was in my mid 20s. I wanted someone to love me. For all the jokes Guisewite made over the years about her character's obsession with food and weight, she herself is strip. Clearly she was not alone in feeling unsure of her footing in the new world that had been opened by feminism.

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The metaphor of America as a segmented snake in this case was very powerful illustration and resonated with many Americans. As Guisewite takes in the array of desserts made in Cathy's image, it's clear she's delighted her character means so much to these young women.

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You can tell great jokes in black and white! Works Cited "Editorial Cartoon.

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Comic strips such as this, is one of the reasons why they continue to be popular through time.